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Issue #11


Breach #11 continues our quest to find the best dark fiction from emerging and established writers. Ably assisted by guest editor Lee Murray (Into the Mist, Hounds of the Underworld), we present five stories and one poem from your new favourite writers.
Opener Brought to You by Abyss Cola by Chris Moss takes us to the bottom of the Mariana Trench for a corporate-sponsored challenge, while Andrea Teare’s Seaweed basks in its painful memories of a childhood accident.
Kel E. Fox’s poem Butterflies and Thunderbirds provides, as Lee Murray puts it, "a rare moment of whimsy and a message about how things that might appear innocuous or enchanting at first view can sometimes transform and ultimately threaten our safety."
Greg Kelly's The Hikikomori and Death offers a Harajuku-set update of an old Aesop fable that we feel makes compelling reading.
We end with the return of two old friends, Hari Navarro and Piper Mejia, whose stories could not be more different. Navarro's prose poem The Hotel Excelsior Deluxe is a dark tale of a tower, a lake, a pine tree and a young couple, written in Navarro's signature evocative style.
Mejia's Keen may seem familiar to readers of Barry Crump, but our hunters in an NZ backblock have more on their minds than culling deer. A tin shed, a cup of tea and something lurking in the dark bush - a brilliant end to this edition of Breach.

"I hope readers will enjoy these stories as much as I have." - Lee Murray

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