Interview: with Sam M. Phillips

Sam M. Phillips is the co-founder of Zombie Pirate Publishing, producing short story anthologies and helping emerging writers. His own work has appeared in dozens of anthologies such as Full Moon Slaughter 2, 13 Bites Volumes IV and V, Rejected for Content 6, Crescendo of Darkness and Breach #08. He lives in the hinterlands overlooking beautiful Gold Coast, Australia, and enjoys reading, walking and playing drums in the death metal band Decryptus. You can find him at

Hi Sam, please tell us a bit about yourself. I live on the Gold Coast in Australia, and spend my days reading, writing, editing and walking. I play drums in a band and tour the country having fun doing that with my mates. I started writing at about 11 and tried my hand at it on and off around school and university. When I finally got over the idea of getting a real job I got down to the real business of writing and music full time.

As well as writing, you’re Quartermaster over at Zombie Pirate Publishing - what made you decide to get into the other side of publishing? Adam Bennett, the other co-founder of Zombie Pirate Publishing encouraged me to first start writing short stories for Five59 Publishing. There we both learned the ropes of how anthologies worked by observing their process. After a while we decided we would be able to start our own venture as a means to get our own work out there and help other emerging writers.

Given the wide amount of fan fiction being published in countless places online, what are your thoughts on fan fiction in general?

I have no interest in fan fiction personally or professionally.

Are there any horror/fantasy/sci-fi tropes or sub genres which you feel are played out? And vice versa, what tropes would you like to see more of?

I’m very open minded as a publisher and author. I think people should feel free to explore whatever they feel they are able to write or want to write.

How important is social media to you as an indie author?

Basically, it means everything to indie authors, at least given the way people presently use the internet. Social media is a vital tool for networking, organisation, and marketing.

What books are beside your bed right now?

Dead Souls – Nikolay Gogol

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

Is There Life After Death – Anthony Peake

Thanks Sam!

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