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Breach #08

Issue #08

Our 8th issue skews heavily to horror, covering a few different subgenres by some amazing writers. Deborah Sheldon (Contrition, Thylacines) starts things off with For Weirdless Days and Weary Nights, a dark tale about friends discovering an abandoned campsite. 

Jessica Nelson-Tyers and David Stevens follow with Hit and Rot and Baby, Cold Outside, two stories that may make you think twice the next time you get in a car.

Ferne Merrylees' mournful fantasy Garage Sale of Lost and Unwanted Things offers a brief respite before William Cook's brutal Death Comes Calling

Carlington Black's darkly comic The New Suit pits two men against each other, while Sam M. Phillips goes to a bleak place in Twisted Labyrinth

Here we have a brilliant collection of stories from across Australia and New Zealand, by new, emerging and established authors. 

And to top it off, regular contributor Claire Fitzpatrick shows off her art skills with her first Breach cover.

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Breach #07
Breach #06
Breach #05
Breach Issue #04 cover
Breach Issue #03
Breach Issue #02
Breach Issue #01

Issue #07

Breach's seventh issue continues our grand tradition of finding the best short fiction from New Zealand and Australia.


Tee Linden's Australian Gothic tale Waiting for the Other Shoe to  kicks things off, and it doesn't let up until the closing lines of Hari Navarro's horrific fantasy The Naked Astronaut

In between, find Lee Murray's steampunk re-imagining of a New Zealand classic.


Fresh from her win at the Australian Shadow Awards, our resident Body Horror Queen Claire Fitzpatrick is back with a classic gore fest of bugs, self-esteem issues and motherly love (or lack thereof). In Sub-Urban, read the story that gave our editor nightmares, and Kiwi author Ronnie Smart returns with an honest-to-God sonnet. Oliver Hayes provides the Scarab-inspired cover art. 

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Issue #06

Hari Navarro's dark fantasy Tongue and the Australian Gothic of Joshua Kemp's Ouroboros book-end our super-sized sixth issue. In between you'll find symbiotic alien relationships, dismembered bodies and dubious medical professionals. An abattoir of horror and hope. Everlasting love. Ghosts.


Cover art by Oliver Hayes.

Breach is a bi-monthly digital magazine with a focus on new and emerging Australian and New Zealand writers and artists. Thank you for supporting independent publishing!

Issue #05

Breach #05 gets dark as all hell. 

Alfie Simpson's The Plant Room features one of our favourite characters to grace our pages, then proceeds to commit terrible violence. Claire Fitzpatrick and Michael Morris both channel Ursula Le Guin's dark side, while Hari Navarro's Black Holy asks what might happen if god were to die. Eugen Bacon offers a wonderful yet brief respite with Surfing on Neptune, introducing a whole galaxy of story in just over 500 words.

Cover art once again by the lovely Oliver Hayes. 

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Issue #04

Jessica Nelson-Tyers kicks off our fourth issue with Estuarine Species, a dark tale of a fishing trip gone wrong. We also feature another gut-punch story from Australia's body horror specialist Claire Fitzpatrick, and Fritz, Brad McNaughton's ode to true love and the South Australian delicacy.


Abigail Simpson's The Girl, the Cat and the Goblins provides inspiration for Oliver Hayes' linotype cover art, and the prolific Eugen Bacon teams up with E. Don Harpe to give us Alice, their story of sex, jealousy and robots.

Thank you for supporting independent publishing!

Issue #03

We think every writer has a zombie story in them somewhere, and our third issue celebrates all things zombie to serve up six helpings of brand new zombie fiction. 

Piper Mejia gives us every parent's worst nightmare in Little Fingers, while Claire Fitzpatrick takes no prisoners in her apocalyptic gore-fest Eat. Peter Kirk tries out a new kind of undead entertainment in Exhibition Match, and Ronnie Smart delivers the moral conundrum of What Have You Done? Finish the meal with two light-hearted but no less horrifying tales - Mouse Diver-Dudfield's The Long Weekend and Arthur Robinson's The Mechanised Jewish Zombie Army Strikes Back.

Issue #02

Our second issue takes you to the deepest parts of Earth's oceans and out again to the Edge of the universe, with a stop on the way for Jesse Hayward's three-year mission to Europa.


Jessica Nelson-Tyers goes grocery shopping in a world of fantastical creatures, while Lucy-Jane Walsh paints the world in Blue.


And for the second time, Oliver Hayes kicks in our eyeholes with his cover art.

**Featuring Alfie Simpson's The Deep Below, shortlisted for Best Horror Short Story at the 2017 Aurealis Awards**

Issue #01

Travel to the mesosphere to catch a glimpse of Hannah C. van Didden's The Unknown, while in Matey, Peter Kirk wonders what happens when robots get old.

With Hurk + Dav, Arthur Robinson introduces two of our favourite new characters in a post-apocalyptic Australia. And poet Jesse Hayward plays with time in The Devil's Loop.

**Featuring Arthur Robinson's Hurk + Dav, shortlisted for Best Science Fiction Story at the 2017 Aurealis Awards**

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